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Preparing for a successful telehealth video consultation

Telehealth2U is an online platform that improves accessibility to quality health care by connecting people all over Australia to licenced clinicians.

We understand that a telehealth consultation for the first time may be a new experience for some. That’s why we have prepared this guide that will help ensure an easy and simple connection and reduce any technical issues during your video appointment.

Please follow the steps outlined below before your scheduled appointment.

1. Ensure you have a smart device and a reliable internet connection

To connect via a video call for your consultation you will need a smart device (a computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet/IPAD) and a reliable internet connection.

Before your scheduled appointment please do a free pre-call test to ensure your camera and microphone are all working and to check your internet speed.

Please click on this link then “Start Test” to ensure optimal connectivity.

During the appointment and pre-call test, do not have other programs, apps or streaming videos running as this may decrease your internet speed.

** If you are still having connection issues, please read through the Coviu patient support page.

2. Select a space for your appointment

Choosing an appropriate space to have your video consult is very important.

The space you select should be comfortable, private and quiet during the time of your telehealth appointment.

Switch any overhead lights on or choose a space that is well lit from windows in the room. Adequate lighting will ensure that your health care provider can see you properly.

Avoid sitting in direct sunlight as the glare and reflections will prevent you from seeing your screen and also your clinician from seeing you.

3. Limit potential disruptions

Microphones are sensitive so it is important that you limit any background noise or potential disruptions.

Ensure children or pets are taken care of and ask anyone around to not interrupt you during your call.

Switch off any phones, TVs, radios or any other devices and keep your space clutter free so that you are not distracted during the consultation.

This will help you to focus on your health care professional and receive the best benefits from your online appointment.

4. Preparing yourself

It is important to attend your online appointment just like you would a normal face-to-face appointment.

Please wear comfortable and appropriate clothes. Sit in a place where you can be upright and relaxed, like a chair at a desk.

Keep your device at eye level and have it fully charged before you begin your consult. Have a charger nearby in case you need it.

If you are using a tablet or phone, try to prop it up so you do not have to keep holding it during the appointment.

5. Things to have handy

It is a good idea to be prepared before your consult. Have all documents related to your appointment; including any test results, scans or notes, to show your health care provider if needed.

Keep a notepad and pen handy in case you wish to make any notes. We recommend you keep a box of tissues and a glass of water nearby too.

Have your credit card with you if you are attending a privately billed appointment to make your payments.

If you still have a question or concerns please contact us and we can arrange a test call.

If you would like to know how our telehealth service works, please visit How it all works page.

** Our services are provided using a secure online platform and your privacy and confidentiality will be securely maintained at all times during the appointment.

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