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All of our qualified health care providers are insured,

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Our health care providers have many years of training and are highly experienced in their professional fields.  

Recovery Centred approach

The focus of our clinicians is to support you with the best individualised health care plan. 

Range of clinical


Our service provides access to health care professionals in areas of Mental and Allied health. 

Our team is made up of a number of highly qualified mental health care professionals with a range of clinical expertise to support your individual needs.

Telehealth2U prides itself in being able to provide access to a high caliber of professionals.

Our clinicians offer bulk-billed and Medicare supported consults where applicable as well as ongoing private care.  Please click on the the individual health care professional’s profile in the groups below to know about the services they offer.


our medical team

Dr Sagir Parkar


Dr Sagir Parkar is a Queensland-trained Psychiatrist and a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He holds current general and specialist registration with AHPRA. After completing medical studies with the University of Pune in India, Dr Parkar trained in Psychiatry in London and worked in various hospitals and psychiatric subspecialties across the UK and achieved his Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry before moving to Australia. Thereafter he completed his Fellowship training in Brisbane.

Dr Parkar has over 15 years experience in Psychiatry and is currently working as a Consultant Psychiatrist within the public health system in addition to doing private practice on weekends. Dr Parkar is experienced in assessing and treating patients with Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Affective Disorders, Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, and has a special interest in Neuropsychiatry.

Sagir enjoys sharing his knowledge and is an associate lecturer at University of Queensland and also teaches medical students from Griffith University.

Dr Arul Ravindran


Dr Arul Ravindran is a consultant psychiatrist who has broad experience in mental health inpatient and community settings. Clinically, Arul’s priority is to tailor his approach according to each individual.  While his expertise is with clinical psychopharmocology, he prioritises optimising people’s quality of living so they can work towards their personal life goals. Arul is particularly passionate about helping people recover from depression, anxiety, relapses in bipolar disorder, ADHD and personality disorders. He is comfortable working with people from all ages, and various cultural backgrounds.


Arul graduated as one of the top students from the University of Newcastle, and afterwards excelled through his specialist examinations. He has greatly enjoyed working with patients in a holistic way and is committed to continuing his professional development. Arul is an Associate Lecturer with the University of Queensland, and enjoys teaching medical students.

our allied health team

Ms Talya Carter

Clinical Psychologist
BA Psych (hons), M Psych (Clinical)

Ms Talya Carter is an experienced Clinical Psychologist specialising in a range of mental health, emotional and cognitive behavioural difficulties. Her interests include working collaboratively with clients experiencing mood disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar), substance misuse, suicidality, post-traumatic stress disorder and/or adjustment difficulties. She also provides medico-legal reports for workers compensation and criminal injuries compensation matters. 

Ms Carter has completed a double degree in Psychology and Addiction Studies, followed by Honours and a Master of Psychology (Clinical). She has worked for government and not-for-profit organisations, both in Australia and the United Kingdom. These include psychological assessment and individual counselling to adult male offenders in custody, Department of Corrective Service, Hakea Prison, and Project Manager with the Mental Health Commissioning Team, National Health Service (NHS), London. Ms Carter is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) at Edith Cowan University. 

Dr. Anne Hattar

Clinical Psychologist
Doctorate Philosophy (Clin Psych), B Psych (Honours) 

Dr. Anne Hattar holds over 12 years of experience working with a broad range of organisations and individuals including teenagers, adults and children.  She is best known for her outstanding work within the community, private and forensic settings and enjoys building strong connections with people throughout various stages of their lives.

With a Doctorate in Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) and experience in organisational program development, Dr. Anne Hattar has many years of experience in the field of psychological research and development, including published articles co-authored with other expert researchers in her field.

Dr. Anne Hattar can provide assessment and treatment of various psychological concerns, including but not limited to:

* Anxiety and Panic Disorders               * Depression & Stress
* Confidence and Low Self-Esteem       * Conflict Resolution
* Communication Skills                          * Insomnia and Sleep Difficulties
* Emotional Regulation Difficulties      * Anger Management
* Adjustment Concerns                           * Family and Workplace Stress
* Relationship Concerns                          * Grief and Loss

Addictions Including:
* Substances
* Gambling
* Eating Disorders

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