Information for referrers

Our qualified specialists and allied health clinicians are ready to work with you to support your patients where ever they are.

What is Telehealth2U?

Telehealth2U is a service platform connecting people all across Australia to medical specialists and allied health clinicians through secure and convenient online appointments without geographical barriers.

Our telehealth service includes a range of Australian qualified specialists and allied health professionals. To know more about our individual clinicians, please see here.

Telehealth has been shown to be as effective as face to face assessments for a range of health problems, including mental health, aged care, diabetes and other out-patient support. While it will never replace in-person consultations, it is effective and widely used by patients who prefer privacy and have traveling and time constraints.

How can I refer to your specialist and allied health clinicians?



To make a referral: 

Email – 

Submit via (Healthlink) : EDI: telhth2u 

Submit via Argus:  

** For psychiatry referrals: Please ensure the referral is addressed to “Dear Psychiatrist” and includes a request for a bulk-billed 291 assessment and ongoing private care if required.  

** For Enhanced Primary Care Program or Mental Health Treatment Plan referrals: Please ensure the referral is addressed to “Dear (insert relevant allied health discipline)” and include the required EPC or Mental Health Care Plan.   

All referrals must include the patient’s phone number and email address. Telehealth2U will contact your patient once a referral is received to organise an appointment time.  

After the first session, a summary letter will be sent back to the referrer.  A specialist assessment report and suggested management plan will be included if a psychiatrist sees the patient.  

We are happy to work closely with GP’s and other treating health professionals to ensure our clients get the most comprehensive service possible. 

Does my patient live in a Telehealth eligible area?

To be eligible for Telehealth Medicare bulk billing, the patient also needs to live or work in a Rural and remote area. To see if your patient is eligible for Telehealth under Medicare, visit the Australian Department of Health website.  

- Medicare supported psychiatry appointments are available to patients located in the Modified Monash Model areas 2-7.

- Medicare supported psychological, social worker and occupational therapy services are available to patients located in the the Modified Monash Model areas 4-7.


What is the cost for the patient?

Psychiatry Appointments:

If patients are living in an eligible telehealth area, the initial psychiatry assessment will incur no cost and be bulk-billed through Medicare (Medicare Item 291).  


One follow-up appointment to review the management plan will also be provided at no cost and will be bulk billed through Medicare. 


Any ongoing appointments with psychiatrists may be billed privately, and costs will align with the suggested AMA rates.    


Allied Health Appointments – including Psychologists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists: 


Patients in an eligible telehealth area will be bulk-billed via Medicare plans and will incur no out of pocket gap fee for appointments.  




Prices range between $120-$160 per session based on their training and expertise.  Patients may be able to claim a rebate from their private health insurance. 

Patients will be advised of the prices before their session is booked. 


Full-fee paying patients:  

Full-fee paying patients can directly book an appointment with us. A referral is appreciated; however, it is not necessary.   


Prices of each allied health professional vary for private appointments based on their training and expertise.  Patients will be advised of the costs before their session is booked. 

Who are your clinicians and specialists?

We have a range of experienced and qualified specialists and allied health professionals in our team at Telehealth2U.  To see a full list and information about each of our health care providers, please click here. 


The Telehealth2U team members include: 

·       Psychiatrists 

·       Physician

·       Clinical Psychologists 

·       Social Workers 

·       Occupational Therapists 

·       Physiotherapists 

·       Dietitians 

Do your specialist doctors provide prescriptions?

Yes. The supply of a prescription is at the discretion of the individual treating doctor. Prescriptions (within PBS limitations) can be sent via email to the patient’s pharmacy of choice and the original copy will be mailed for the pharmacy’s records.  A prescription handling fee may be charged.

What if I’m not sure about a referral or have questions?

If you wish to discuss the suitability for a patient referral or have any other questions, we encourage you to please get directly in touch with us.

You can call us on 0434 441 843 or email us at and the relevant team member or doctor will call you back.