Telehealth2U allows you to connect with qualified psychiatrists and psychologists in a safe and private online environment.

Now everyone all over Australia can have timely access to quality mental health care that they deserve.  

Our Mission & Story

Telehealth2U provides people with quality mental health solutions via a comprehensive online platform.

Telehealth2U was founded to help address the barriers to accessing mental health services in rural and remote communities in Australia.

Our vision is to utilise modern technology to bridge the gap and seamlessly allow easier access to psychiatrists and psychologists in these regions.

We developed a Telehealth platform that was secure, versatile and simple to use for all people and their health care professionals. 

Through secure video therapy, geographical barriers are eliminated and individuals have improved access to timely and quality mental health care.

Want to meet our health care team? 

Our team of mental health care professionals have a wealth of knowledge in a variety of clinical services and specialties.

Every practitioner is fully registered with national accreditation.  All of our clinicians are board certified with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

We are here to provide affordable, convenient and timely access to mental health care for all Australians.

Let us connect you to a trusted health professional